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Three Easy Steps to Help You Prepare for New gTLDs

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New-TLDsSince 2009 we have been talking about how New Top Level Domains (New gTLDs) were going to come online in scores. Well, it appears that the domain frenzy has just begun!

Donuts Inc., a new registry services company, is at the forefront of the expansion. Applying for an astounding 307 New gTLDs, Donuts is leading the way in term of getting New gTLDs online. This week the company added 15 more TLDs to the Internet’s root zone. Today there are 31 new extensions accepting applications. If you are a brand, thats 31 domains you’ll have to consider registering — and that number is going to increase to over 600 very quickly.

Here are three easy steps you can take now to be ready for all these new extensions.

Step 1: Register Your Trademarks in the Trademark Clearinghouse

Each new registry, the entity that operates a new gTLD, is required to hold a “Sunrise Period“. This period gives rights holders the opportunity to register domain names matching their registered trademarks before anyone else can access the TLD. The Trademark Clearinghouse, or TMCH, was designed to make registering domain names in this period simple, and is a prerequisite to registering a domain name in the Sunrise Period.

Once you register your mark in the TMCH, you will be able to quickly and easily register a domain name matching your trademark across all available TLDs. Registering a mark is simple, and can be done online.

Step 2: Plan Ahead – You DON’T Have to Register in ALL new gTLDs

Review the list of new gTLDs that have been applied for, and narrow down the list down until it is manageable. Find some nice niche keyword TLDs that fit your brand for example “sony.electronics”, or “” — these are a given. Next, find any TLDs that need protecting, for example, “” “brandname.web”. Any consultant telling you to register in all new gTLDs has his head on backwards.

Chances are you have a limited budget, and you’d be wise to stretch that budget as far as you can. Take a look at self-managing your domain names. We make it simple, and we’ll never let your domain expire.

Step 3: Monitor the New Landscape

The TMCH also acts as the first line of defense for protecting your brand in New gTLDs. Anytime a third party tries to register a domain name matching your TMCH record, you’ll receive a notice. This will help you easily monitor the new gTLD landscape and take action quickly if necessary.

Learn more about the TMCH by watching the video below, or visit our registrar partner to get started with your TMCH registration today, and begin registering in the Sunrise period online.


New gTLD Delegations Set to Begin

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) began its contracting process for New gTLD Registry Operators back in July 2013 when it ceremoniously invited representatives from four registries up on stage to sign the first registry agreements at its public meeting held in Durban, South Africa. This was a huge milestone for ICANN and sent good vibes throughout the community that the new gTLD program was on track.  ICANN had announced that it would be able to sign agreements to the tune of 20 per week.

Unfortunately, the plans for the contracting process didn’t fully go as anticipated.  It took over a month for the next twelve contracts to finally get executed, and today only 70 new gTLD contracts have executed. It seemed like progress had been stalled after community insiders presented ICANN with concerns over “name collisions” — the possibility that requests for internal names used in private networks (.mail, .home, or .corp) will query the public root and thus collide with newly delegated TLDs in the public root —  in New gTLDs, and asked ICANN to further delay the launch of New gTLDs until it can guarantee the safety and stability issues in the DNS.

Despite the many challenges that face the program, today ICANN enthusiastically announced that the first four domains had been cleared to proceed to delegation.  The first four strings were the first to contract with ICANN and now appear to be on their way into the Internet’s Root Zone.  There is no word on the timeline for the delegation, nor for subsequent launch, but New gTLD Applicants can sleep well tonight knowing that progress has been made.

These first New gTLDs to be added to the root are all IDN strings:

  • شبكة (xn--ngbc5azd) – the Arabic word for “Web” or “Network”
    Registry : International Domain Registry Pty. Ltd.
  • онлайн (xn--80asehdb) – Russian for “Online”
    Registry: Core Association
  • сайт (xn--80aswg) – Russian for “Web site”
    Registry: Core Association
  • 游戏 (xn--unup4y) – Chinese for “Game”
    Registry: Spring Fields, LLC

Indeed this is a big step for the future of the Internet and 2014 will bring about a lot of changes to the Domain Name System.


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