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ICANN 41 Report: The Course is Set for New gTLD Implementation

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Now that the New gTLD Program has been approved, and the Applicant Guidebook is pretty much in its final condition, ICANN can begin working on the implementation of the New gTLD program and its collective parts. Some issues currently on the radar are:

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ICANN 41 Report: ICANN Votes to Expand TLD Space

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It has been over a week since ICANN 41 kicked off in Singapore and the ICANN Board approved the New gTLD program. Of course, the big news is the approval of the New gTLD program, so we’ll start there.

Just before Monday’s approval of the New gTLD program, the ICANN Board and the Governmental Advisory Committee had a chance for one last meeting to discuss open issues regarding the program. The meeting focused on GACs comments on the current version of the Applicant Guidebook, which were submitted on May 27th, and a letter, which was sent to the board a day prior to the meeting.
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State of the Domain Name Industry – Ready for New gTLDs

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A few comments are still lingering about suggesting that ICANN has not shown significant demand or quantifiable benefits for New gTLDs through its economic studies. Though I will not argue the content of the many economic reports or the legitimacy of the models used to demonstrate demand or a lack thereof for New gTLDs, I would venture to say that a few examples — .UK taking over .ORG as the fourth largest TLD, .AU and .CA enjoying a 20 percent plus growth, .РФ (.RF – IDN ccTLD for Russia) registration explosion upon launch, and .CO easily crossing the 600k registration mark in its first year of operations — are all fine examples that the domain industry is healthy and is indeed ready for new gTLDs.

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Yesterday, VeriSign released its 2011 first quarter domain report.  According to the report the total domain count across all TLDs had crossed 209 million.  The first quarter of 2011 saw an increase of 4.5 million domains, 3.3 million of those registrations belong to .NET/.COM (the reports lists 8.3 million which appears to be a typo.) According to the report, the entire domain industry saw a 7.9% increase in domain registrations in the past year.

JPRS (Japan Registry Services Co., ltd) also released its report for 2010 (showing a gain of around 58,000 names, a 5% increase from Jan. 2010 to Jan. 2011). This is on par with the aggregate growth for all ccTLDs in the last year as stated in the VeriSign report.  Australia (.AU) and Canada (.CA) experienced 20% growth year over year. The ccTLD for the United Kingdom (.UK) moved up as the fourth largest TLD after .COM .DE (Germany) and .NET.  China continues to drop down the list and now sits as the ninth largest TLD in the world (fifth among top ccTLDs.)

Here are the top ten TLD TLDs according to Verisign’s Domain Industry Brief.

1. COM (Verisign) 6. INFO (Afilias)
2. NET (Verisign) 7. NL (Netherlands – SIDN)
3. DE (Germany – DENIC) 8. EU (European Union – EURID)
4. UK (United Kingdom – Nominet) 9. CN (China – CNNIC)
5. ORG (PIR – Afilias) 10. RU (Russian Federation – RU-CENTER)

The total number of ccTLDs grew to approximately 81.7 million names (increase of 1.6 million names over the previous quarter). The top ten ccTLDs are:

1. DE (Germany) 6. RU (Russian Federation)
2. UK (United Kingdom) 7. BR (Brazil)
3. NL (Netherlands) 8. AR (Argentina)
4. EU (European Union) 9.  IT (Italy)
5. CN (China) 10. PL (Poland)