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New TLD Application Period Officially Closes, Next Phase Begins

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That’s it! After months of hard work, and over a month of system-down time the TLD applications system (TAS) has closed, signaling the end of the New gTLD application period.  ICANN will not accept any more applications for New TLDs for a while — probably a long while.

The road forward for new TLD applicants is likely to be a long and windy one.  So far, here is what applicants have to look forward to:

June 13: Reveal Day!!

This is the day ICANN will post all applied for TLD strings and who applied for them. If you are an applicant, this is a big day for you!

Once the strings and applicants have been publicly posted, ICANN will begin the public comment process.  This 60-day window allows for any interested parties to submit comments about the strings and their applicants.  These comments may be considered by evaluation panels.

ICANN will also open up the objection filing period on reveal day.  This will give any party with sufficient “grounds” an opportunity to submit a formal objection to any submitted applications.   This period will remain open for 7 full months.


Batch Selection Process

ICANN has stated that it can only evaluate approximately 500 applications at a given time.  Since there are approximately 2,000 applications in the queue some applicants will have to be very patient.  You can play a game of “digital archery” to determine which batch your application will be evaluated in. ICANN anticipates beginning the batch selection process on the 8th of June and announcing the results on July 11, 2012.  This would allow the Initial Evaluation of the first batch of applications to begin on July 12th.

According the New gTLD applicant guidebook, a straightforward application could get though the evaluation process and delegation in about 9 months.  This would put the earliest TLD launches somewhere around this time next year.

The second half of 2012 should be exciting!

When Will the Second Round of New gTLD Applications Begin?

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So, when will the second round of New gTLD applications take place?

That is a good question.

A very good question.

While the goal of having a second New gTLD application round has always existed, it has never been clear as to when the second round will actually take place.


So what does the official Applicant Guidebook say?

Section 1.1.6 of the Applicant Guidebook states:

ICANN’s goal is to launch subsequent gTLD application rounds as quickly as possible. The exact timing will be based on experiences gained and changes required after this round is completed. The goal is for the next application round to begin within one year of the close of the application submission period for the initial round.


ICANN has committed to reviewing the effects of the New gTLD Program on the operations of the root zone system after the first application round, and will defer the delegations in a second application round until it is determined that the delegations resulting from the first round did not jeopardize root zone system security or stability.

At yesterday’s New gTLD outreach event in Tokyo, ICANN board member, Kuo-Wei Wu, stated that the board doesn’t wish to create a “gold rush” mentality, and companies and entrepreneurs should not rush to make a decision. While it’s true that every company looking into a “.brand” should take into consideration all aspects of their business and marketing strategies before making the plunge; can they really afford not become a early mover?  Can entreprenuers with a great idea afford to wait until the next round to make their final decision? The fact is at this stage nobody really knows when the second round will take place.  And, without that information, it makes the decision making process that much more difficult.

All we have from ICANN at this stage is a goal which sets a possible second round as early as April 2013.

But, is this really possible?  Considering the community driven structure of ICANN, I would venture to say that perhaps 2013 is not very realistic.  The above passage from the guidebook states that ICANN will base the timing on “experiences gained and changes required after this round.” Does “this round” refer to just the application window, or the entire evaluation and delegation process? I don’t think ICANN would start a subsequent round if stakeholders haven’t been able to evaluate the entire process as a whole.  Even if ICANN does manage to implement a second round of applications in the next year and a half, the second paragraph of the above passage states that delegations will be deferred until ICANN can review the effects of prior delegations on the root zone — and delegations could last well into 2014.  If ICANN has to resort to batch processing of applications in the event that more than 500 applications are received in the first round, then we can expect this process to take even longer.

Kuo-Wei Wu emphasized that the members of the ICANN Board are still having discussions about this topic and hope to provide a better answer to the community as soon as possible.

ICANN Signs Agreement With ICM Registry for .XXX

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On April 1st, ICANN signed the Registry Agreement with ICM Registry for .XXX. ICANN General Counsel & Secretary, John Jeffrey followed up on the singing by explaining the delicate nature of the contract with ICM Registry in a blog post.

ICM Registry filed its application for the .XXX domain extension (gTLD) in 2004 and initially had it approved by ICANN in June 2005, only to later have it denied. The triple-x domain name has been a controversial topic in the ICANN community as well as leaders in the adult community for which it is proposed to serve. After seven years of waiting in line, ICM Registry, the registry operator for .XXX, finally made it through the ICANN process.
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ICANN Approves XXX and New gTLD Timeline

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The ICANN Board Votes on .XXX and New gTLDs in San Francisco

The ICANN Board approved the .XXX domain name extension and adopted a new timeline for the New gTLD program last Friday at its regularly scheduled meeting of the ICANN Board held in San Francisco.

ICANN carefully decided to proceed with the execution of the .XXX new domain extension on Friday at its board meeting and published its rationale for doing so along with the adoption of the resolution.

In an effort to push the New gTLD process to the finish line, ICANN also adopted a new working timeline for its new gTLD process. According to the timeline pictured below, ICANN has set its sights on approving the Applicant Guidebook at a special meeting of the ICANN board scheduled for June 20th 2011. Generally, ICANN holds a board meeting following the conclusion of the public meeting, however, this time the organization has scheduled a special board meeting to kick off the 41st ICANN meeting form June 20th – 24th in Singapore. Peter Dengate Thrush, the current Chairman of the ICANN Board, expects a huge party in Singapore for the official kickoff of the New gTLD program.
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ICANN Responds to .Brand Issues

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The summary and analysis for comments on the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook was made available earlier today.

Several well-known brands such as IBM, Adobe Systems, AT&T, Lego, Microsoft and Verizon commented on the most recent version of the Applicant Guidebook.  Most of these comments focused on the Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) for trademark holders as well as special requirements required to run a .brand registry. Continue Reading →

NXT Conference 2011

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Part of the thrill of observing the New gTLD process since its official kickoff in 2008 has been observing the policy making bodies, and listening to experts from many different backgrounds make arguments on whether or not ICANN should continue this program that will ultimately bring about an explosion of new Internet extensions.  After attending many ICANN meetings focused on policy and procedures, it was a breath of fresh air to get together with colleagues that have similar goal in mind at a conference recently held in San Francisco, California.
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New gTLD Program Launch: Getting it Right

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Exactly three weeks ago, I stood up in front of a modest-sized gathering of colleagues and over-enthusiastically proclaimed that I believed the New gTLD application period would begin in mid to late August 2011.  I confidently stated “if not August, definitely by the end of the year.”  This rather optimistic prediction took place at a recent ICANN Report Meeting sponsored by IAjapan and JPNIC; an event to report what took place at the preceding ICANN meeting to industry professionals in Japan.

Of course, anyone who has been involved in the New gTLD process, in any capacity, should know better than to use adverbs like, “certainly,” “absolutely,” or “definitely” when discussing any sort of timeline that has to do with the New gTLD program launch.
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New gTLD Program Reaches Turning Point in Cartagena

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The ICANN meeting in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia started for us while sitting on the plane prior to departure in Tokyo; the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) had just submitted some strong comments on the process which ICANN has undertaken to move forward with approval and implementation of the New gTLD program.
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.CYM and Other Strings not Eligible

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Community Top Level Domain registry hopeful, dotCYM, has been campaigning to run new top level domain, .cym, to benefit the Welsh community since before ICANN officially announced its New gTLD Program in 2008. Unfortunately, it now appears that .CYM is no longer possible.
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ICANN Releases Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook

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ICANN has published the Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook over this past weekend.  According to the schedule posted by ICANN on a few weeks ago (October 30th, 2010 JST) the newest version of the Guidebook was only a few days behind a very tight schedule.

In order to jump back on track, ICANN has shortened the Public Comment Period to less than 30 days to enable the board to evaluate any issues before it votes to approve the Applicant Guidebook at the upcoming board meeting on December 10th in Cartagena de Indias, Columbia.  Community members wishing to comment on the document have until 12:00 PM UTC on December 10th.
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New gTLD Application Round Set to Begin in Mid 2011

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The Special Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors which took place Thursday, October 28th (10/29/2010 JST) has produced a result many new gTLD applicants have been waiting for: A timeline.

The ICANN board passed a resolution which aims at starting the New gTLD Application round on May 30th, 2011. According to the resolution, the issues of Vertical Integration, Recommendation 6 Objection Process, and Geographic names have yet to be resolved.
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Progress Made Toward New gTLD Applications

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The minutes from the highly anticipated ICANN Board Retreat, which took place in Trondheim, Norway on the 24th and 25th of September, were released today. The meeting focused primarily on remaining key New gTLD issues. According to the official ICANN announcement, ICANN Chairman of the board, Peter Dengate Thrush, stated that progress had been made and additional papers as well as a modified applicant guidebook had been requested for public review. These documents are scheduled to be released prior to the 39th ICANN International public meeting in Cartagena, Columbia this December.
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New Internet Extensions. But How Soon?

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ICANN’s 38th International Public Meeting held in Brussels, Belgium during the week of June 20th thru 25th was full of a lot of the same; a lot of New gTLD talk related to trademarks and timelines, and the usual WHOIS accuracy meeting. But still, the looming question on everyone’s mind; “When are we going to see New gTLDs?” was not clearly answered.

Well, one new gTLD, or so it would seem, is ready to hit the main stream fairly soon. The ICANN Board of Directors approved .xxx at it’s board meeting on Friday, June 25th 2010. The Board accepted the the findings of the Independent Review Panel and reconsidered the application for .xxx. A review will be done to ensure that no significant changes have taken place and begin contract negotiations. Finally, ICANN will involve the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) to make sure the contract for the new adult TLD is inline with the comment received from the committee.
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ICANN 38 – Opening Day

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After missing the Nairobi meeting due to ICANNs assessment of possible security issues, we were very eager to kick things off with the Welcome Ceremony Monday here in Brussels, Belgium. Unfortunately, we weren’t greeted with the same exciting cultural performances we were able to catch only brief glimpses of during our remote participation and live blogging during the Nairobi meeting.
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DAGv4 – Quick Look

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As briefly discussed in our blog yesterday, the ICANN New gTLD Applicant Guidebook has been delivered to the public and is open for public comment until the 21st of July, 2010. We weren’t expecting the guidebook to be released for at least another week but the release of the guidebook this early is good for the ICANN community because it allows the community a thorough read before the 38th ICANN Public Meeting in Brussels later this month. Perhaps it sets up ICANN to complete the final draft in early Fall 2010 (just a “glass half full” thought) or delay the final draft in favor of a version 5 (“glass half empty” thought) — I just can’t help it, I’m an optimist.
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DAGv4 – First Glance

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The New gTLD Applicant Guidebook, Version 4.0 was released to the public today. Upon first glance, it appears to contain quite a bit of additional material to help guide perspective New gTLD applicants through the application process.

As I was skimming the text I came to a dead halt at section 1.2.1 on eligibility (also see the Draft New gTLD Agreement page 5: Use of Registrars) when I realized that what we had expected had arrived. The section of interest reads as follows:

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Domain Registry Providers: Finding a Perfect Fit

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Many prospective New gTLD applicants have, or are currently in the process of building up or outsourcing out a registry system in preparation for application launch planned to happen sometime within the next year or two.

Although there is a lot to be covered on registry systems, I’ve chosen to focus on the critical business decisions that need to be made when outsourcing your new gTLD to a third-party vendor. Questions that are not covered in this article are; “Who’s out there, What solutions are they offering, and what are their prices”? Answers to these questions can be found on names@work in an article titled, ”Speed-dating the new gTLD registry providers – Intro

Here are some questions that we have been asking ourselves when choosing our Registry system provider, and think that these are questions that you may want to ask before choosing yours.

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New gTLD Strings

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Planning for the new top-level domain? Looking for a string that’s going to make you rich beyond the dreams of avarice? …

Well, here is a list of 310 TLD strings, some old, some new, compiled from various sources on the Internet that you may want to keep in mind. It is likely that several of these gTLD strings will end up in contention, public disapproval, or violation of the string requirements.

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New gTLD Next Steps

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As we look ahead to the next ICANN International Public Meeting this June in Brussels, we thought it would be a good opportunity to take a look at some of the topics that are on the the table for public comment.

The public comment process is a crucial element in ICANN’s overall goal for transparency. Through public comment the internet community can raise issues or give consent to policies before they are decided on by the ICANN board. We encourage all perspective New gTLD applicants to let their voices be heard on these key issues.

A full list of items up for public comment can be found here. Current issues related to the New gTLD Program are which are open for public comment are listed below.
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ICANN Board Finalizes Decisions in Nairobi

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The 37th ICANN Meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya concluded in usual fashion today with the meeting of the ICANN Board. Today’s meeting of the Board was of exceptional importance to both the ICANN Board and the ICANN community. The Board met in total transparency as the community waited to see how the Board would be accountable for issues related to not executing the .xxx contract. Likewise, perspective New gTLD applicants anxiously awaited the Board’s decision on the EOI/Pre-Registration Process.

In total, the Board voted on eight (8) resolutions related to the implementation of New gTLDs. This could be an indication that the ball is rolling again, and perhaps ICANN is reaching consensus on a lot of key issues relating to the launch of New gTLDs.

Here is a breakdown of the chief issues discussed and the decisions that were made at Friday’s board meeting:
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ICANN Nairobi Update

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Our team has remotely participated in the following meetings over the last couple of days at the ICANN Nairobi meeting:

  • Introduction to New gTLDs (current status of the program)
  • Registrar Stakeholder Group Meeting
  • ccNSO Members Meeting
  • DNSSEC Workshop
  • GNSO Vertical Integration Working Group Meeting
  • Zone File Access (“ZFA”) Advisory Group Meeting
  • Registration Abuse Policies Initial Report Information Session
  • Update on SSR Efforts

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Issues Concerning DNSSEC

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The Progress of DNSSEC (March 8th)

The ccNSO Tech Day, held on March 8th, 2010 between 10:00 and 17:30 EAT, was focused mainly on DNS and issues related to maintaining the security and stability of the Internet. I thought all of the presentations were very well done, and enjoyed the presentation on the Mariposa Botnet take down and surviving the 8.8 Richter Chilean Earthquake of 27 Feb. Although their talks focused on DNS specifically, I really wanted to focus on the portion of the presentations pertaining to DNSSEC.

DNSSEC is an extension to DNS that adds a signature to its information that allows users to validate its authenticity against. This means that if data is temperated with, that the validation of the data will fail. DNSSEC is seen as a solution to DNS attacks such as, cache poisoning and other types of DNS forgery. Further details about DNSSEC can be found on Wikipedia

Where Are We With DNSSEC

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Trademark Protection in New gTLDs (March 8th)

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Trademark Protection in New gTLDs (March 8th)

16:00 – 17:00 EAT

During the ICANN meeting held in Mexico City a year ago, severalissues regarding trademark protection in New gTLDs surfaced, and the Intellectual Property community pushed for solutions. ICANN responded swiftly by creating the IRT (Implementation Recommendation Team). Several studies were done and many pages of reports were written on how to best handle the various trademark issues. The GNSO created the Special Trademarks Issues review team (STI), in October 2009, and since that time the STI reached a consensus on recommendations for Trademark Protection Mechanisms which were unanimously approved by the GNSO in December 2009.

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New gTLD Update and EOI/Pre-Registration Model Panel Discussion (March 8th)

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New gTLD Update

The New gTLD Update and EOI Panel Discussion session, which took place on Monday, March 8th (11:00 – 13:00 EAT), was a key session for prospective applicants to attend. Although there are still several issues that need to be resolved before either an EOI/Pre-Registration process or an actual first round of applications can take place, ICANN seems more confident that a consensus is being reached.

The main event of this session, however, was the panel discussion regarding the EOI/Pre-Registration Model.

Several of the other topics discussed in this session were mentioned yesterday in our report on the GAC and GAC/GNSO meeting, therefore we will only briefly review some of the key points.

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ICANN Nairobi Meetings (March 7th)

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Our team participated remotely in the GAC New gTLD Update meeting that took place on Sunday, March 7th from 14:00 – 17:00 EAT and the GAC Meeting with GNSO, 17:00 – 18:00 EAT.

Several key issues surrounding the launch of the new gTLD program were touched upon and we can expect to hear quite a bit more throughout the the next week. The four overarching issues are Trademark Protection, Malicious Conduct, Root Zone Scalability, and Economic Demand.
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ICANN Nairobi Coverage

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The ICANN International Public Conference being held in Nairobi is just a few days away. UrbanBrain will participate in meetings beginning on Sunday and will follow all the important topics being discussed throughout the duration of the meeting (March 7-12). Stay tuned to our blog for the most important New gTLD update and other ICANN happenings as they occur.
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WDC New gTLD String Results

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gTLD String Stats

Interlink K.K. has been kind enough to share the top 100 World Domain Cup results taken this month. These New gTLD strings are what people, worldwide, have chosen as their favoriate TLD for the contest. Some of these results probably come as no surprise, but there are a couple of strings that may raise question marks over your head.
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