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ICANN Board Finalizes Decisions in Nairobi

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The 37th ICANN Meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya concluded in usual fashion today with the meeting of the ICANN Board. Today’s meeting of the Board was of exceptional importance to both the ICANN Board and the ICANN community. The Board met in total transparency as the community waited to see how the Board would be accountable for issues related to not executing the .xxx contract. Likewise, perspective New gTLD applicants anxiously awaited the Board’s decision on the EOI/Pre-Registration Process.

In total, the Board voted on eight (8) resolutions related to the implementation of New gTLDs. This could be an indication that the ball is rolling again, and perhaps ICANN is reaching consensus on a lot of key issues relating to the launch of New gTLDs.

Here is a breakdown of the chief issues discussed and the decisions that were made at Friday’s board meeting:
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ICANN Nairobi Update

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Our team has remotely participated in the following meetings over the last couple of days at the ICANN Nairobi meeting:

  • Introduction to New gTLDs (current status of the program)
  • Registrar Stakeholder Group Meeting
  • ccNSO Members Meeting
  • DNSSEC Workshop
  • GNSO Vertical Integration Working Group Meeting
  • Zone File Access (“ZFA”) Advisory Group Meeting
  • Registration Abuse Policies Initial Report Information Session
  • Update on SSR Efforts

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Issues Concerning DNSSEC

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The Progress of DNSSEC (March 8th)

The ccNSO Tech Day, held on March 8th, 2010 between 10:00 and 17:30 EAT, was focused mainly on DNS and issues related to maintaining the security and stability of the Internet. I thought all of the presentations were very well done, and enjoyed the presentation on the Mariposa Botnet take down and surviving the 8.8 Richter Chilean Earthquake of 27 Feb. Although their talks focused on DNS specifically, I really wanted to focus on the portion of the presentations pertaining to DNSSEC.

DNSSEC is an extension to DNS that adds a signature to its information that allows users to validate its authenticity against. This means that if data is temperated with, that the validation of the data will fail. DNSSEC is seen as a solution to DNS attacks such as, cache poisoning and other types of DNS forgery. Further details about DNSSEC can be found on Wikipedia

Where Are We With DNSSEC

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Trademark Protection in New gTLDs (March 8th)

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Trademark Protection in New gTLDs (March 8th)

16:00 – 17:00 EAT

During the ICANN meeting held in Mexico City a year ago, severalissues regarding trademark protection in New gTLDs surfaced, and the Intellectual Property community pushed for solutions. ICANN responded swiftly by creating the IRT (Implementation Recommendation Team). Several studies were done and many pages of reports were written on how to best handle the various trademark issues. The GNSO created the Special Trademarks Issues review team (STI), in October 2009, and since that time the STI reached a consensus on recommendations for Trademark Protection Mechanisms which were unanimously approved by the GNSO in December 2009.

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New gTLD Update and EOI/Pre-Registration Model Panel Discussion (March 8th)

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New gTLD Update

The New gTLD Update and EOI Panel Discussion session, which took place on Monday, March 8th (11:00 – 13:00 EAT), was a key session for prospective applicants to attend. Although there are still several issues that need to be resolved before either an EOI/Pre-Registration process or an actual first round of applications can take place, ICANN seems more confident that a consensus is being reached.

The main event of this session, however, was the panel discussion regarding the EOI/Pre-Registration Model.

Several of the other topics discussed in this session were mentioned yesterday in our report on the GAC and GAC/GNSO meeting, therefore we will only briefly review some of the key points.

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ICANN Nairobi Welcome Ceremony (March 8th)

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Our team participated remotely in the ICANN Welcome Ceremony and Presidents Report. (Monday, March 8th from 9:00 – 10:30 EAT)

The welcome ceremony was packed with energy as ICANN delegates filled the conference hall. According to many in attendance (via -twitter) and ICANN officials, despite the security issues and concerns of the community, the turnout was excellent.
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ICANN Nairobi Meetings (March 7th)

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Our team participated remotely in the GAC New gTLD Update meeting that took place on Sunday, March 7th from 14:00 – 17:00 EAT and the GAC Meeting with GNSO, 17:00 – 18:00 EAT.

Several key issues surrounding the launch of the new gTLD program were touched upon and we can expect to hear quite a bit more throughout the the next week. The four overarching issues are Trademark Protection, Malicious Conduct, Root Zone Scalability, and Economic Demand.
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ICANN Nairobi Coverage

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The ICANN International Public Conference being held in Nairobi is just a few days away. UrbanBrain will participate in meetings beginning on Sunday and will follow all the important topics being discussed throughout the duration of the meeting (March 7-12). Stay tuned to our blog for the most important New gTLD update and other ICANN happenings as they occur.
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