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Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain was the first company ever selected to protect domain name data and is ICANN’s preferred provider of escrow services for registrars. Iron Mountain’s 50 years of experience in securely storing vital records, data and information makes them the most comprehensive and trusted Domain Name Registry Data Escrow Agent available.

Quick Facts

  • Over 50 Years of experience in storing vital records
  • Created the technology escrow industry in 1982
  • Iron Mountain is the preferred provider of data escrow for ICANN
  • Handles terabytes of daily digital deposits
  • has over 40,000 active contracts worldwide

Why is Registry Data Escrow Required?

ICANN requires that all TLD registries contract a neutral third party to perform data escrow deposits to protect users against data loss and ensure the continuity of Domain Name Systems operations.

Full compliance with ICANN’s data escrow requirements is an essential part of ICANN strategic plan to ensure continuation of DNS operations and guarantee that registry data can be quickly and easily recovered in case of a technical failure or business failure.

Why Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain is preferred data escrow provider of ICANN and is recognized worldwide as the expert in secure storage of vital records, and is relied on by ICANN to ensure the safe, continuity of domain name operations.

Iron Mountain’s Registry Data Escrow Services enable registry operators to:

  • Comply with ICANN requirements (See Draft Registry Agreement, Specification 2)
  • Safeguard registry data in a secure, access-controlled escrow account
  • Protect of registry data through RAID storage and physical backup tapes
  • Deposit valuable registry data via encrypted, secure FTP directly to Iron Mountain
  • Easily verify and validate the completeness and accuracy of data
  • Maintain peace of mind knowing that valuable data backups are stored it geographically separated, access-controlled environments.

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