The current World Domain Cup Contest standings are out. Take a look below to find out which TLD string is in the lead. Bookmark this page, and stay tuned for more news as UrbanBrain will soon release an analysis of the top 10 submitted gTLD strings in the WDC contest.

The data displayed below does not, in any way suggest what the actual WDC winning string will be. gTLD strings over 5 characters have been omitted, but are in no way disqualified.

This data has been provided by Interlink K.K., our parent company.

Top 10 WDC New gTLD Strings

Top 11 – 20 WDC New gTLD Strings

Top 21 – 50 WDC New gTLD Strings

Top 51 – 100 WDC New gTLD Strings

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