gTLD Possibilities

1. Strengthen Your Community

A community gTLD is a perfect way to build and support your community

City gTLD Area gTLD Group gTLD
.tokyo .kansai .lionsclub
.osaka .kanto .elksclub
.nyc .kyushu .peacecorps

2.Improve and Strengthen Your Brand

A brand exclusive gTLD will allow your organization to manage its reputation and improve brand recognition and loyalty.

.companyname .brandname
.service .product

3. Search Engine Optimization

Owning a gTLD that is a popular keyword will help your consumers rank better in search engine result pages.

.free .blog .music
.radio .movies .news
.sports .live .car

4. Completely Manage a Particular Namespace

Set up certain registration criteria to manage an entire namespace.

.dog - Only allow registration for dog owners
.blog - Offer a free blog service to all new registrants
.shop - Offer an onlie shopping site with each domain

5. Innovate

Develop an innovative business plan with a related gTLD and market it to the entire world.

Below is a sample of registration numbers from three gTLDs. The date listed is the date the general registration period for that gTLD began.

TLD Extension Number of Registrations General Registration Start Date
.tel 200,000 May 2009
.mobi 1,000,000 September 2006
.com 80,000,000 March 1985

Revenues = number of registrations x annual registration/renewal fee

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