Application Types

New gTLD Application Types

New gTLD applications can be categorized as “Standard” and “Community.” Any new gTLD that is open to public registrations is considered a “Standard gTLD,” that is, anyone can register a domain name in a given new gTLD zone so long as payment has been provided. If applications are limited to those belonging to a specific community or group, the new gTLD is considered a “Community gTLD.”

The ICANN New gTLD application process seems to favor community-based applications; however, there are several stringent requirements that need be met in order to be recognized as representative of a particular community.

Learn about the application types below:

Standard TLD

The standard gTLD is any other type of application that is not considered a Community based application. Typically, Internet users pay to register Top-level domains in a standard gTLD; however, there have been some cases when ICANN has authorized some gTLDs to create tighter registration requirements, such as additional license or trademark checks.

gTLDs, such as, .com .net .org are all standard gTLDs. We can expect to see more standard gTLDs coming out soon. Word on the street is that people will be bidding for .blog, .music and several other standard gTLDs.

Other gTLDs expected to be applied for:

Last updated: September 2009

.basketball .deal .eco .fam
.family .film .food .football
.forsale .free .golf .gay
.green .health .love .med
.money .music .movie .news
.ngo .radio .real .resort
.sale .shop .sport .web
.wine .vin .vino .xxx

A few new gTLDs listed above could also be designated as a community gTLD by the applicant, e.g., .ngo .gay or .med. If this were to happen, ICANN is much more likely to accept a community gTLD over standard gTLD.

Community TLD

Community gTLDs have special registration requirements, thereby effectively limiting registrations to a specific community. For example, gTLD will only allow registrants to register domains if he or she are already an existing member of the community that the gTLD represents.

ICANN Recognizes the following as a community gTLD

  1. gTLDs which are limited in the number of registrations
  2. The gTLD Application has an overwhelming support from the community and the gTLD was applied for on behalf of the community
  3. The community has reasonably high degree of social awareness of its existence

There are several conditions that must be met, in order to have a community gTLD application considered, but a community gTLD application has a much higher chance to pass the gTLD examination phase.

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■ Ethnic/Cultural TLDs
.arab (Arabic Speakers) .eus (Euskadi) .indigi (Indiginous People)

Geographical TLD

Additionally, several organizations around the world have already stated their intention of applying for geographical TLDs (GeoTLDs) based on city names.

Below is a list of New gTLDs which are expected to be applied for.

■ City TLDs
.bcn (Barcelona, Spain) .berlin (Berlin, Germany) .bog (Bogata, Columbia)
.boston(Boston, USA) .chicago (Chicago, USA) .dallas (Dallas, USA)
.haag (Haag, Austria) .hamburg (Hamburg, Germany) .köln (Cologne, Germany)
.london (London, UK) .miami (Miami, USA) montreal (Montreal, Canada)
.munich (Munich, Germany) .nyc (New York City, USA) .ottawa (Ottawa, Canada)
.paris (Paris, France) .pdx (Portland, USA) .rome (Rome, Italy)
.seattle (Seattle, USA) .seoul (Seoul, Korea) .sfo (San Francisco, USA)
.tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) .toronto(Toronto, Canada) And many others…
■ Regional TLDs
.africa (African Continent) .arab (Arab Region) .bayern (Bayern Region, Germany)
.bzh (Brittany Region, France) .cym(Wales, UK) .eng (England, UK)
.gal (Galacian Culture) .ker (Cornwall, UK) .que (Quebec, Canada)
.lli (Llión, Spain) .med (Mediterranean) .vla (Flanders, Belgian Region)
.scot (Scottish Culture) .lat (Latin America) And many others…

UrbanBrain is proud to be the only Japanese Corporation actively attending the City TLD Meetings at ICANNs international conferences. We are actively involved in the development of an abbreviated method for applying for GeoTLDs.

Brand TLD

A corporate gTLD used strictly for internal purposes may be evaluated
similarly to a community gTLD; however if the company gTLD allows
registrations for domain names by employees and consumers, then the new gTLD is more likely to be evaluated as a standard gTLD.

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