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Owning and operating a new gTLD has a number attractive incentives, however, the process of applying for a new gTLD is an extremely complex task. There are hundreds of pages of highly technical documentation to review and numerous policies to write.

Applicants need to understand the entire application process, communicate their business plan, put contracts in place with several service providers to ensure that all necessary components such as the registry system, DNS, and data escrow etc. are in place.

Whether you are looking for help with just one aspect of your gTLD registration or looking to hand off the application processes to someone else, we can help you.

UrbanBrain can handle all aspects of organization’s gTLD application process. We can write and submit your official application to ICANN, create and submit all required documents, and support your application by dealing with third party claims filed against your applied-for gTLD string.

Key Points of the Application Process

gTLD String Research

  • The gTLD string must not be confusingly similar to an existing ccTLD or gTLD
  • The string must not adversely affect DNS
  • All strings containing specified geographical information must have government approval

Applicant Information

  • The applicant must clearly state and prove its technical, operational, and financial capacity.
  • The applicant must provide a clear business model that defines the following:
    • Details of creating and maintaining a profitable registry
    • All registry related services
    • All registry related policies
    • Security plans
    • Contingency plans

(All requirements are not listed, please contact UrbanBrain for an initial consultation to learn more.)

Registry Management Services

Becoming a new gTLD owner means that your organization will be a Domain Name Registry. UrbanBrain can provide all of the systems needed to run a fully-functioning registry. This includes systems to run production servers, and setting up connections with various registrars.

Our staff is very knowledgeable with ICANN policy and procedures and we can assist with compliance related issues to ensure that your registry operates smoothly.

gTLD Consulting Service Highlights

  • Customized Registry System
  • Management and maintenance of servers
  • Security provisions
  • Data escrow
  • Whois
  • Sunrise/Landrush and auction system
  • Registrar technical support

(Other support services are available. Please contact UrbanBrain for more information.)
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