Interlink has been involved with ICANN and the domain industry since 2002 and began attending ICANN meetings from 2006 when it became an ICANN Accredited Registrar. Interlink and UrbanBrain are very active in the New gTLD discussions within ICANN and the wider Internet community. Below is a list of our recent activities.

Last Updated: 8/2011

Date Event  
6/2011 41th ICANNInternational Public Meeting (Singapore)
3/2011 40th ICANNInternational Public Meeting (San Francisco, California (USA)
2/2011 DOMAINfest Global (Santa Monica, California (USA)
.nxt New gTLD Conference (San Francisco, California (USA)
1/2011 29th ICANNInformation Sharing Session (IAjapan/JPNIC)
12/2010 39th ICANNInternational Public Meeting (Cartagena, Colombia
8/2010 28th ICANNInformation Sharing Session (IAjapan/JPNIC)
2010 ICANN Asia Pacific Regional Registry/Registrar Event (Tokyo, Japan) (Sponsor)
6/2010 T.R.A.F.F.I.C Vancouver
38thICANNInternational Public Meeting (Brussels, Belgium) (Meeting Sponsor)
APTLD Members’ Meeting (Sri Lanka)
4/2010 27th ICANNInformation Sharing Session(IAjapan/JPNIC)
3/2010 Hosting-Pro 2010 (Presenter: New gTLDs)
37thICANNInternational Public Meeting (Nairobi, Kenya) (Remote Participation)
2/2010 APRICOT 2010/APTLD Members’ Meeting (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
12/2009 26th ICANN Information Sharing Session (IAjapan/JPNIC)
11/2009 3rd Domain Business Association Networking Event
10/2009 36th ICANN International Public Meeting (Seoul, Korea)
Participating sponsor of Sydney, Australia meeting
08/2009 2nd Domain Business Association Networking Event
07/2009 1st Domain Business Association Networking Event
25th ICANN Information Sharing Session (IAjapan/JPNIC)
Japan Domain Name Council Establishment Committee Participant
ICANN New gTLD Hong Kong Event
06/2009 17th Internet Infrastructure Committee Meeting (JMIC)
35th ICANN International Public Meeting (Sydney, Australia)
Participating sponsor of Sydney, Australia meeting
Started the World Domain Cup (WDC) New gTLD Contest
Attended City TLD Meetngs
04/2009 24th ICANN Information Sharing Session (IAjapan/JPNIC)
03/2009 34th ICANN International Public Meeting (Mexico City, Mexico)
Participated in City TLD Meetings
15th Internet Infrastructure Committee Meeting (JMIC)
02/2009 1st Internet Infrastructure Committee Working Group Meetiing (JMIC)
14th Internet Infrastructure Committee Meeting (JMIC)
2nd Internet Infrastructure Committee Meeting (JMIC)
01/2009 13th Internet Infrastructure Committee Meeting (JMIC)
12/2008 12th Internet Infrastructure Committee Meeting (JMIC)
11/2008 33rd ICANN International Public Meeting (Cairo, Egypt)
11th Internet Infrastructure Committee Meeting (JMIC)
23rd ICANN Information Sharing Session (IAjapan/JPNIC)
09/2008 ICANN Asia/Pacific Gathering (Seoul, Korea)
08/2008 22nd ICANN Information Sharing Session (IAjapan/JPNIC)
06/2008 32nd ICANN International Public Meeting (Paris, France)
03/2008 21st ICANN Information Sharing Session (IAjapan/JPNIC)
02/2008 31st ICANN International Public Meeting (New Delhi, India)
10/2007 30th ICANN International Public Meeting (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)
07/2007 19th ICANN Information Sharing Session (IAjapan/JPNIC)
ICANN Asia/Pacific Gathering (Hong Kong)
06/2007 29th ICANN International Public Meeting (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
01/2007 17th ICANN Information Sharing Session (IAjapan/JPNIC)
10/2006 ICANN Asia/Pacific Gathering (Shanghai)
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