Hitachi Ltd. Makes Plans for .brand TLD

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Hitachi, Ltd. quietly made its intention on applying for a new top-level domain public today.

An official release on Hitachi’s website cannot yet be found, but Japan’s largest domain name registrar has posted a news release on their Investor Relations page today confirming that they have partnered with Hitachi to supply the application and back-end registry operations for “.hitachi”.

Hitachi is the second multinational brand based in Japan to announce its intention to apply and operate a .brand TLD registry.  Canon announced its intention to apply last March.

The news release states “many global corporations have announced intentions to secure their company or brand name as a gTLD in order to strengthen their online identity.”

As of today, only Canon and Hitachi have made their intentions on applying public.  UNICEF put out an RFI (Request for Information) last Summer to explore the options of running a .UNICEF.  Several brands, however, have been very active in commenting on the ICANN New gTLD process and many brands are expected to apply.

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